Thursday, September 8, 2011

Burlap Painted & Stuffed Door Hanger Tutorial

For many months, I have noticed these super cute burlap or jute (or canvas) door hangers in gift shops for all occasions.  Like always, I think to myself, I can do that!  :)  I make one, and--like always and giddy with excitement in my new creation, I post to Facebook.  To my surprise, I got much interest in my take of the burlap door hanger.  I think mine is much more "rustic" or "haphazard" than most.  Regardless, I promised a tutorial since these are EASY-PEASY to make!  AND you can recycle/reuse plastic shopping bags in the process!  This is my first tutorial, and I have many photos, so please bear (bare?) with me!

Here's what you need to make your own (with a breakdown of prices, too!):

• freezer paper or poster board for template, or you can free hand!
• roughly a yard of burlap or jute (I got mine at JoAnn for $3.99 a yard)
• about 10-20 plastic grocery bags
• regular stapler and staples (if you don't have one, I got a mini at Staples for $1 that came with staples!)
• 12 gauge wire (I used 12 gauge jewelry wire I found at JoAnn--3 yards for $1.99)
• thin floral wire (I had some on hand, so I'm not sure how much it runs per spool)
• ribbon of choice (I think the more different styles the better, but totally up to you.  Spool prices vary, but check out Hobby Lobby--they run 1/2 off deals regularly)
• acrylic paint of choice (some can be found for 88¢ a bottle)
• bottle squeeze, slick paint for accent (*optional, and I had this on hand too, so not sure of price)

How to assemble (for football--but make any shape your heart desires!):

• Figure out the size you prefer.  I used freezer paper and gauged what a "typical" wreath would be.  Using freezer paper, fold in half, then half again.  This makes for the least amount of drawing and a more uniform template.  Draw curved line from top to side and cut, thus making a football shape.

• I have a lovely large seal-healing cutting matte that I lay out my template and burlap (doubled over to cut two at once) to cut with rotary cutter--so fast!  But you can use a table and trace to burlap with sharpie and cut with scissors.  Remember this is "rustic" so NOTHING has to be perfect!

• With the two pieces of burlap together staples about an inch to inch-and-a-half from edge around entire shape, leaving a hand's width open for stuffing.  Space staples about one to one-and-a-half from each other.

• Stuff shape with plastic grocery bags.  Lightly crumple before stuffing, and I place any printed sided toward back of shape so they don't show through.  I used plastic bags, so if your hanger gets wet outside, it won't retain moisture and weigh it down--and it will dry quickly.

• Once shape is stuffed to your liking, staple shut.  Now you have your "canvas" to pain and accentuate.  Run your fingernail around outside edge to fray the burlap more.

• Paint your football seam and words for your team.  I use a light hand so you can really see the burlap--remember, rustic is our magic word.  Go in with brown for main football color leaving space around letters and seam.  I think it accentuates the words, but that's just me.  For added emphasis, use your squeeze slick paint around the letters and add a few squiggles for giggles. :D

• While your paint dries, make a bow!  You can Google "hair bow tutorials" for lots of options, but I'll share how I did mine.  Fold 3" ribbon to make two loops like this:

Then pinch it together like this, and wrap with long length of floral wire:

You'll end up with your base bow.  Then fold 7/8" ribbon to make five loops like this, and pinch and wrap with wire from base bow:

Wrap center with long, thin ribbon (to cover wire) and tie behind base bow, letting long ends drape down.  Cut different lengths of other ribbon, and secure with same floral ribbon holding bows together.

Before securing bow to football, run thick wire for hanger.  Pick two points and run wire from back to front, and twist ends onto itself into circles.  Then pick place to add bow, running wire from front to back, twisting wire onto itself.  Voil√°, and adorable painted burlap door hanger that YOU just made!  :)

If you make this splendid little door hanger using my instructions, please let me know if I am not clear anywhere--and share your photos!  Happy Football Season!  :)


  1. I LOVE THIS ONE! it's the cutest one i've seen so far & the easiest to make :) of course mine will have to say go noles ;) but i love it...thank you

    1. I'm so sorry I'm just now seeing this! I'm so glad you love it! I'm sure yours is beautiful, even though it says Noles! Hehe!

  2. Mine will say "Go Rebs, Go State". Yes, I know.

    1. Hotty Toddy, Andrea! I'm an Alabama fan that graduated from Ole Miss, married a Tennessee fan, have a brother that graduated from Bama, and a cousin that played baseball for Vandy. We really just root for the SEC! :)

  3. this is fabulous! I am going to make one & post it to my blog... I'll be sure to link it back to you :) love this blog!

    1. Thanks so much, Misty! Can't wait to see yours!


  5. I'm going to make one of these for my sister, but with a big letter "C" for her wedding. Thanks for the tutorial! Adorable!

  6. I love your looks so I'm about to make a big "Roll Tide" football for my front door...I've been wanting to make one of these...Thanks again for sharing....

  7. Adorable! I am going to do one of these this weekend except I am going to make an owl or an H...we are't big foot ball fans but your tutorial has helped me figure out how I am going to hold it together...

  8. Thanks for the tutorial! Just wanted to add that I bought a 3'x24' roll of burlap in the garden section at Lowes for $10. Just a little over $1/yd is much cheaper than I've seen elsewhere.

  9. Thanks for the instructions. I really like how whimsical and rustic your "football" turned out. The wire hanger really tops it off. I'll be making 2 football and 1 basketball tomorrow to give has Christmas gifts. I'm hoping they are a hit.