Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snips & Snails

Here are a few boy applique items I've just completed.  I wanted you to see that even rough-and-tumble little boys can still look oh-so-cute in appliqué!  :)  The One Year Cupcake is the same as Bella's, but this time it's for presh Ben, son of our friends The Smiths in TN.  I also couldn't leave my very own child out of the mix, so I finally got around to designing him his very own appliqué in honor of his past Halloween costume when he was the cutest little dragon/dinosaur.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Knox's Luggage Tag

I've been wanting to make a luggage tag for the bag I use for Knox's diaper bag. It doubles as my purse, because I was tired of hauling around both a diaper bag and a purse --and knocking everything over! Since it's not monogrammed because it kinda looks like a purse, I thought I needed a tag for when I leave it with him in the church nursery. Plus, we've recently discovered he's allergic to two types of antibiotics, and I think it's best that his caretakers know that pertinent info. So here's what I came up with--I think next time I'll put a satin stitch border around the initial & name, but I love it just the same!

Molly's First Paci-Clip

My child modeling--don't worry, Molly will be getting her own paci to use with the clip.  :)

I've been waiting (not-so-patiently) for my bestest Jayma to pick a name for her sweet baby girl, and within the past week her and her hubby finally made a decision.  Molly will be here on or around July 2nd.

Today, I made Molly's first monogrammed gift--a paci-clip.  It's not super girly, but if you know Jayma & BJ, you know why I made it the way I did.  Who doesn't know what black & white hounds tooth with a hint of red signifies?  All I can say is Roll Tide Baby!  ;)  Having said that, I am not opposed to making garb to highlight or reference other teams!  Haha!

Jayma, I am holding this gift as ransom until you and BeeBee come visit for our belated birthday celebration!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cousin Stephanie's Wedding Printables

These printables were done for Keith's cousin Stephanie, when she married her high school sweetheart in 2006.  The invitation is simple since she had them printed on embossed paper, but we dressed up everything else with the custom initial and design I made for her.

Philly GrapeStreet

My long-lost friend Tori, recently worked at a huge venue bar in Philadelphia as their marketing coordinator.  Luckily for me, she needed design work to advertise their party space at Christmas a couple of years ago.  Here are the designs I worked up for her.

Holly's Bridal/Bachie Invites

Holly is my ATL Bestie, that was married a few years back.  Our friend Toni and I had tons of fun planning her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.  These are the invitations I created for Holly and the celebrations we threw for her.

Jayma & BJ's Wedding Shower

One of my nearest and dearest friends, Jayma, was married back in 2007.  I was honored to throw a shower for her and her now hubby, BJ, with several other friends and BJ's sweet sister.  Both Jayma & BJ adore the outdoors, so we used that love they share as our couple's shower theme.

Blank spaces are where the addresses and phone numbers have been removed.

My Wedding Printables

This was my Save-The-Date.  The picture of us was a round magnet that was adhered to the paper.

My Wedding Invitation--the dark purple band was ribbon and the thick red border was textured paper.

The direction card that was included with the invite
This front to the wedding program--size was 4.25x11

The CD labels--custom CDs for the Wedding Favors

The Thank You Notes

I thought I'd share what I created for my very own wedding.  My colors were blush and bashful...just kidding!  However, I did lean towards red in honor of my sorority.  :)  My actual colors were reddish-wine and plum--fabulous for a fall wedding if I do say so myself.  I, of course, had to incorporate the rose since I am a beautiful lady of ALPHA-O!  hehe!  I created two "logos", if you will, that I used throughout all printables.  All were printed on ivory paper, since the my wedding dress (the same dress my mother and maternal grandmother both wore on their wedding days) was a candlelight color.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sherry's Invites from 2008

My fab friend Sherry had an amazing whirl-wind of a year in 2008.  She married the love of her life in January, and gave birth to her precious baby Cade ten months later.  I was lucky enough to design invitations to all of the fabulous parties that were held to honor those occasions in her life.

I didn't take the photos for her wedding announcements or reception invitations, but they turned out great!  The particular baby shower I did the invites for had a barn theme (Cade's daddy hearts horseys!) and was held in a friend's barn!  The fun thing of the shower invites were that the barn doors opened to reveal the info.

I also made some things for sweet baby Cade--the burp cloths with the appliqué initials along with fun football and sailboat appliqué onesies.

How To Order Your Customized Item

See something posted that tickles your fancy? Just post a comment or send an email to Let me know what you're looking for, what size you would like, and the colors you'd love to have incorporated.

Once you get that info to me, I'll work up a quote and design, if need be, that you should receive in a very timely manner. Upon approval, please complete payment to secure your spot. Item will not be started until payment is processed. As far as payment goes, I can accept PayPal. Let me know if you have any other questions--I'll be glad to answer those for you! Please allow at up to two weeks for your customized item to be complete.

As of 5/12/09, you can make secure payments using the PayPal button on the right-hand sidebar! You do not have to be registered with PayPal to use this convenient option. Just follow the prompts to use your Debit or Credit Card! Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Meghan's Save The Dates and Matching Embroidery

My brother's girlfriend's sister is getting married in August, and I am thrilled to be designing her wedding printables--from Save The Dates, to Invitations and Reply cards.  In getting a feel for my new software, I made a little monogram to match her wedding printables design (the same signature design is present in each piece, making them coordinate and create a "logo" for the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs.)  Now I'm able to bring that "logo" into a new medium--embroidery!

Meghan, if you happen upon this blog--SURPRISE!  :)

Bella's Birthday Gear

One of my sweet sorority sisters asked me to do some clothes for her daughter first birthday, which I gladly completed.  The cupcake appliqué is an original design, that was first done by hand, but now I have digitized for my embroidery machine.

Bella's birthday theme colors were red and pink--namely red with white polka dots in leu of the Mommy & daughter's love of Minnie Mouse.  I'm thrilled with the fabrics I was able to find for her.  Meredith sent me the bloomers to embroider, and the little cupcake is a hair clip!  How cute?!  I'm so proud of myself for that one!  :)