Sunday, May 31, 2009

And the winner is...

Heidi Stauff!

Heidi left her comment on my business Facebook page.  Now I just have to get all of her preferences, and wha-la, a beautiful new addition for her daughter or son's room!

I want to thank EVERYONE who checked out this blog and entered.  Thank you also for all of your input.  Look for some new things to be posted this week, including hair bow holders to hold all those sweet bows for your daughter/niece/little girl in your life.  I am leaning more towards creating an Etsy page.  Y'all will be the first to know when I do so!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your Input AND...A GIVEAWAY!

Are you excited that I said GIVEAWAY??? ;)

Well FIRST, I need your input. (Making you work for that giveaway, huh? Just kidding!) I know peeps are viewing the blog, but I'm not getting much feedback. I know I am creating things you can't find just anywhere, but I want to know, "WHAT TYPE OF PRODUCTS DO YOU WANT?" Also, is there something I should change about the layout that would help you find what you're looking for and purchase an item easier? I've tinkered with the idea of an Etsy site, but if I can streamline this blog, it may benefit all of us!

SO, now to the good stuff. My very first, of hopefully many, will be a WALL PLAQUE!!! (Value of $22 plus free shipping!) A wall plaque is a perfect addition for any little girl OR boy's room! This 5 1/2" x 12" rectangular wall plaque will be made out of light-weight wood, wrapped in batting and YOUR CHOICE of fabric and YOUR CHOICE of embroidery & ribbon for hanging (and obv. your choice of name or initials). With all the options of customization, you will be receiving something that will match your child's room perfectly--and for FREE!!! Talk about a sweet deal!

Now you might want to know how to enter this fabulous giveaway. It's easy! Just leave a comment related to the questions stated above (only one comment per person please!) You will then be placed into a random drawing. You have until Saturday, May 30th to leave a comment that includes a link to your blog or your email, so that you can be contacted if you win.

Also, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! This may sound odd when you're trying to win something, but it will benefit you in the long run. In ADDITION to the giveaway, I am offering a 10% DISCOUNT for referrals. So, say you tell Jane about this great blog called GREAT DAY GRAPHICS & DESIGN ;) and she orders something. MAKE SURE she let's me know that you referred her and YOU will receive a 10% DISCOUNT on your next purchase!!! There's no limit for the amount of referrals you can rack up! Yet, another sweet deal in one post!

Become a follower to this great blog! (I may do a special offer for only my followers at a later date!)

Add this button to your fabulous blog! (Let me know if you have any issues with it.  You should be able to Copy and Paste--Ctrl C then Ctrl V into your layout--I think.)
My Creative Blog

Join my group on Facebook, created by my brother's fabulous girlfriend to help promote my business.

And by the way, THANK YOU to all of you who do check out Great Day Graphics & Design! You rock!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

For the Next Generation of A-O-Cutie-Pi's

Anyone that has/is a part of a Greek affiliated organization, or really ANY organization for that matter, knows that the bonds you form in that group stay with you forever.  You also want your family, especially children, to know that same fabulous bond you did.

Now, I can't speak for ALL sororities and fraternities, but I know for us t-shirts were pretty much a big deal.  So much so, that you might not make it to chapter, but dang it, you GOTTA have your shirt and you GOTTA have it ASAP!  I say this jokingly, but I remember it all too clearly being the T-shirt/party pic chair my sophomore year.  People basically beat down the door of my room in the sorority house to get their dern shirts, harassing my sweet roommate (Love you, Jill! :)  However, I digress.

I don't have a daughter (yet :), but I would want her to know about my amazing time in college as an AOPi (Alpha Omicron Pi).  To honor my sorority and my sisters, I have created this design for our "next generation"--the legacies!  I can most definitely change it to read, "future AOPi" for those that you simply want to give a gift.  I can MOST DEFINITELY create designs for other sororities and fraternities!!!  Design can also read, "A/An blank blank blank Loves Me" for example.  Sky's the limit, as is for most everything I can create for you!  I can also make shirts for us alumni or current actives, just let me know what you need!  Adult sizes can be made to include fabric appliqué.

Red shirt, pink swirls, white outline

This shirt is size 24 Months.  Since I have no daughter to wear it, I'm running a special price on this particular shirt.
$12 for this one shirt and NO SHIPPING!  SOLD!
Regular price for all shirts with similar design on toddler shirts is $15 plus shipping.

Please, let me know if this button doesn't work for you!
Be on the look-out for upcoming specials!

Recent Gifts Given

Just wanted to share a few items that I've made for gifts/favors recently that can be reproduced just for you!

Pillow cases for Grandmother Rogers--the white on white is just classic.

Monogram "M" in double square border--Bag provided by Molly's momma :)

Cook's Christmas present--made and give at Christmas, but just recently monogrammed :P
Half Apron with scalloped edge and ribbon tie

Jayma's Christmas presents (same circumstances as previously mentioned, just different fabric)  Unfortunately out of this fab fabric.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

NOW AVAILABLE--DIE CUTTING (and other cute stuff!)

I am now able to die cut invitations, business cards, hanging tags--you name it, I can cut it!  And it doesn't stop there!  I should be able to emboss invitations and thank you cards in the very near future, in addition to cutting chipboard and light balsa wood names and letters in a multitude of fonts for your little one's room.  Here are a few samples of what I have cut:
(I will be including prices from here on out so you can utilize the PayPal button located on the right sidebar!)

This is my paper tags for gifts and pieces I ship!  You'll have one if you order something now!  ;)  I think I may leave the hole off of some and use them for business cards.

Price would be $55 for something similar to this 3.5"x2", printed one side card (includes layout, print & die cut of 100 cards--logo design separate)

I blurred out the dates and place since it hasn't taken place yet.  This matches the bridal shower things I did for Toni in honor of her sister.  These will be bottled water hanging tags for the welcome dinner the night before the wedding.  The weekend itinerary is printed on the back.

$185 for something similar to this 3.5"x5", printed two-sides (includes layout, print & die cut of 100 cards--logo design separate)

Here are a few other super cute things I just finished.  The first is a ribbon embellished shirt/skirt set (for Molly--in size 18 mos, Jayma!)  The ribbon is added to both the shirt and skirt, with a coordinating applique and embroidered name for the shirt.  Would be so cute with some brown striped leggings and a long-sleeved brown or pink shirt for fall!

Set:  $30
Ribbon Embellished shirt with appliqué:  $22, Ribbon Embellished Skirt:  $10

Of course you have to have the matching bow!  One is a "baby" bow on an alligator clip, and the other "big girl" bow is on a french clip.  Look how perfect that blue ribbon matches the shirt!  :)

"Baby" Bow:  $2 each (discount if multiples ordered)
"Big Girl" Bow:  $5 each (discount if multiples ordered)
Add monogramed button in coordinating fabric for $2 more

I had almost forgotten about animal print until someone (who shall remain nameless for the time being  ;) requested this:

Round appliqué with personalization:  $18

Isn't it soooo stinkin' presh?!  Now I might have to start a mission to find leopard print ribbon, so I can make a matching bow!

For shipping rates, please check side bar under "Posts of Importance"!  THANKS!

Shipping Rates

Priority Mail Shipping Rates (2-3 day service with Delivery Confirmation & Tracking number)
*Please not these rates are per pound, and most people I ship to fall into the Zone 1 Category!
Pricing (Retail Prices)
Weight Not Over (pounds)Zones L 1 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 7Zone 8
Flat Rate Envelope$4.95$4.95$4.95$4.95$4.95$4.95$4.95
Small Flat Rate Box4.954.954.954.954.954.954.95
Medium Flat Rate Box10.3510.3510.3510.3510.3510.3510.35
Large Flat Rate Box Domestic13.9513.9513.9513.9513.9513.9513.95
Large Flat Rate Box APO/FPO11.9511.9511.9511.9511.9511.9511.95

Standard First Class Mail Postage Rates (3-5 standard day service)
*Please note these prices are per ounce!
Large Envelopes
Weight Not OverPrice
1 ounce$0.88
2 ounces$1.05
3 ounces$1.22
4 ounces$1.39
5 ounces$1.56
6 ounces$1.73
7 ounces$1.90
8 ounces$2.07
9 ounces$2.24
10 ounces$2.41
11 ounces$2.58
12 ounces$2.75
13 ounces$2.92

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there!  

My mother's birthday happened to fall on Mother's Day this year, so this is what she got from me.  (The Hubs thoughtfully made our gifts for Mother's Day this year!)  Sadly, this is the first thing I've had a chance to make her for her own use, and my poor mother-in-law hasn't gotten anything yet!  :(  Hopefully, I can remedy that situation soon.  :) 

Momma's Pillowcases to match the color scheme in her room

I also had to make my mother something else last week, but as a gift for one of the kiddos she keeps.  This sweet boy and his family also have an affection for the Crimson Tide, so Momma had me whip up this almost as sweet shirt for Easton's birthday present.  Happy 2nd Birthday!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fabric Choices

Here are swatches of fabrics I currently have available in decent amounts. I can always go in search of more, if you twist my arm (I LOVE FABRIC SHOPPING, as you can tell by the wide range of patterns!) If you see one you'd like incorporated into an order, just make note of the swatch name in your email to!

Multi Stripe

Multi Plaid

Favorite Funky Multi
Black & White Filigree
Black & White Squares
White Dots on Black

Tiger Print

Tan & Blue Polka Dots

Brown On Brown Checks
Cream On Brown Swiss Dots

Pink Flowers On Brown

Brown & Pink Fleurish
Pink & Yellow Puffy Flowers

Pink Flecks

Victorian Pink Stripes

Valentine's Stripes

Pink On Pink Swirly

Indian Fuschia

Purple & Gold Flowers

Purple Motif

Purple Paisley

Summer Blue Flowers

Blue Fields Flowers

Turquoise Dots

Blue Green Diamond Chic

Retro Blue Flowers

Blue Lady Bugs

Blue Gingham

Green & Blue Dashes
Green Gingham

Green Batik

Funky Green Multi

Green Stripes

Green Ferns

Fairway Green

Light Girly Green

Green Swirly Dots

Green Stars

Victorian Green Flowers

Cream on Tan Paisley

Yellow Swiss Dot

Small Yellow Gingham

Large Yellow Gingham

Orange Squiggles
Orange Multi Stripe

Peach on Salmon Vines

Red Hawaiian Flowers

Red Swiss Dots

Red On Red Little League