Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday HATS! :)

Ok. I can't begin to express how happy these hats make me! They are so fun, AND I'll be working on a few more over the next week (including ones made of fabric, applique and embroidery!)

These listed are all made of paper, yarn, ric rack, and grommets for the cord. You don't see the cord in most pics, since I should be receiving the cord stops in the mail today. The cord stops make it a breeze to slip on and off a kid of any age! Any girl hat can be finished with the "princess topper" instead of a yarn pom pom--you'll see pics below. Hats are finished both outside and in so they look fabulous from all angles.

These hats, just like most everything else I create, are completely customizable and no two are exactly alike! I can custom match your theme or decor. Once the fabric hats are established, I'll be able to create an entire fabulous outfit for your little one to celebrate in--from head to toe--literally! :)

I will be listing a couple of the "generic" hats on my storefront at Etsy.com, but you can order then directly from me for a discounted price.

For Kelli's sweet Jack and his monkey themed FIRST birthday party!

The cord you see here is what will be used on all hats in either brown, black or white.

A preppy 1st birthday hat!

An ├╝ber girly 2nd birthday!

A shabby chic look, perfect for a "Kate" of any age!

What little princess wouldn't love to have this for her birthday--or year round, for that matter!

Prices for Paper Birthday Hats will be as follows:
No personalization: $14 • Personalized: $16

Fabric Birthday Hats will be as follows (once available):
No personalization: $18 • Personalized $20

OH, I almost forgot! For those of you wanting embroidered bucket hats for your kiddos to wear in the summer--I can do those now! I have 2 white, 2 tan, and one pink bucket hat currently, but I think they fit older toddlers. I goes over my little ones head, with it just being a bit big, so they can be used for several summers!

I can also do beanie caps, or skull caps as they're sometimes called. Both bucket hats and beanies are $12.

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