Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hair Bow Holders

I've previously mentioned that I was going to make hair bow holders, and ta-da! I have two complete.

On my Etsy storefront, I have listed, under the Wall Plaque, an option of adding ribbon to the bottom to create a hair bow holder. My very first Etsy sale was this option for a lucky little girl named Olivia! :) I thought it turned out great!

Embroidered Hair Bow Holder $24

This next hair bow holder is an experiment. I wanted to do a fun and whimsical hair bow holder for a more playful room. This is a 12" diameter circle cut from multiple layers of chipboard--very light weight.

The edge is finished with thin ribbon (you can barely see the light purple ribboned edge), and the initials and background are cut from paper. The back of the piece is also covered in paper.

Holes for ribbon placement are finished with nickel grommets. Ribbon is tied in a way so that the holder is flush with the wall. Coordinating buttons and thread top off tied ribbon. Price would be $20.

So--what do you think? Is this hair bow holder worthy of an Etsy listing?

This last image is another bucket hat I just finished for a friend. Just wanted to show that I can do short names, as well as the initials you saw last week. I'm hoping I get a few more new things finished this week to share with you next Tuesday. Tuesday is my unofficial update day for this blog, so check back weekly!

Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. little Norah has a CUTE hairbow holder!! I like them both!