Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Posh Puppy

So, I'm delving into another realm with my creative works.  Due to fabulous suggestions from two great people, Lindsey (my brother's girlfriend) and Sonia (a friend from my hometown), I will be making equally fabulous things for your POSH PUPPY!  :)

Here's my first creation, with another to follow soon.  I'm hoping to have the second ready to show by this weekend.

Don't worry, my dear fellow Rebels, I have this fabric coming (sorry the pic is so small, but you get the idea):

on which I'll be monogramming this:

I already have this fabric:

On which I think this would look great (Don't you think so, Jill!  Hurley can have one like Lula's!) :
As you can tell, I think I'm going to gear most of these towards college teams, hence the reference to Ole Miss Rebels, Georgia Tech Rambling Wreck and the obvious houndstooth of the Crimson Tide.  Of course, I can use any fabric you want and embroider/applique anything you want, from names to initials!  Price for these are $18.  I can add embellishments like piping and ric rac to the edge of the scarf for a small extra charge.  All collars have hardware for buckle, adjustment strap, and d-ring for leash.  Sizes are listed below:

Also, I've finished a few more greek related designs (and NOT just for AOPis!).  I'm hoping to have a few things posted on the Etsy site by this weekend, but you will be the first to know!


  1. CUTE!!! Einie may need a new collar b/c the woven GT one we got he has scratched to death. :D

  2. BTW, I can't believe Keith let you put a Bama collar on his precious Puddin' Pop!!!

  3. so cute.

    hey, I am wanting a shirt for Ada to wear for her second birthday. I was thinking about it the other day, and I knew that you would have a good idea. Maybe her name and the number 2 or something like that? Something fun, anyway, that will look cute in pictures;)

    Let's get together soon. We still do the library every Monday morning if you ever want to join us.