Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Posh Pups & A New Item!

Had to share some of the collars I have had the pleasure of making for other posh pups!

You have a Princess Daisy? This Princess Daisy is FOR SALE! $18

This is Mr. Big. He belongs to my fab sorority sis, Sarah, and he LOVES his new collar!
Go Rebs!
Thanks for the pic, Sarah!
AND for the NEW ITEM(S)! I have combined a new item piece with a new design. Obv, the piece and the designs can be interchanged with other pieces and designs.

Posh Puppy SHIRTS! How fun?!

Posh Puppy shirts will typically run about $22.
This AOCutiePi shirt is READY TO SHIP!

AND the NEW Greek Sorority Appliqué Designs

Phi Mu Greek Design On a 12 Month White Shirt READY TO SHIP!

Greek Appliqué on Toddler shirts $18!

If you don't see your Greek Sorority listed, email me at greatdaygraphics@yahoo.com, and I'll whip one up for you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Potential Etsy Release Date

Ok, peeps!  The date you've been waiting for--my Etsy.com release date--will be (drum roll please!) Tuesday, July 7th!!!

Get excited!  And I will be running a special for ONE WEEK on items featured on Etsy for my current followers (followers as of 6/23/09 as previously promised for week of 7/7/09 until 7/14/09).  If you are a current follower, just message me (greatdaygraphics@yahoo.com) what you'd like to order and you will receive a 20% OFF discount for your ENTIRE ORDER--shipping not included!  Discount applied only to orders taken from current followers during the week of July 7th through July 14th.

Happy Early Independence Day, my dear sweet followers!  :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Freedom Bows • Red, White & CUTE!

I have always loved celebrating Independence Day.  Not only am I thankful for all those who helped give this country her freedom, but getting together with family and friends in the heat of the summer, and around good food and drinks, just makes it that much sweeter.

So to honor the upcoming national holiday, I wanted to make something for you to adorn your little girls sweet little heads.

Introducing FREEDOM BOWS:

I have two of these READY-TO-SHIP!  Can make more once the ready-to-ship ones are sold.
All "Big Girl" bows $5 each • Discount if multiples ordered

I have two of these READY-TO-SHIP!  Can make more once the ready-to-ship ones are sold.
All "Baby Girl" bows $2 each • Discount if multiples ordered
These will ship regular mail, so order now to have in time for the Fourth!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Delay on Etsy

I'm so sorry that I have to report that I had to delay the launch of my Etsy site, as I had promised earlier.  BUT, I have a great reason why:  my very best friend just gave birth to her baby girl and I HAD to go meet her!  :)  Will you let me slide?  Haha!  If you saw this angel's face, you would!

I have to play a little catch up on my contract work, and then I'll be able to post those fabulous Greek related designs I've mentioned, along with another posh puppy item!

Get excited!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Posh Puppy

So, I'm delving into another realm with my creative works.  Due to fabulous suggestions from two great people, Lindsey (my brother's girlfriend) and Sonia (a friend from my hometown), I will be making equally fabulous things for your POSH PUPPY!  :)

Here's my first creation, with another to follow soon.  I'm hoping to have the second ready to show by this weekend.

Don't worry, my dear fellow Rebels, I have this fabric coming (sorry the pic is so small, but you get the idea):

on which I'll be monogramming this:

I already have this fabric:

On which I think this would look great (Don't you think so, Jill!  Hurley can have one like Lula's!) :
As you can tell, I think I'm going to gear most of these towards college teams, hence the reference to Ole Miss Rebels, Georgia Tech Rambling Wreck and the obvious houndstooth of the Crimson Tide.  Of course, I can use any fabric you want and embroider/applique anything you want, from names to initials!  Price for these are $18.  I can add embellishments like piping and ric rac to the edge of the scarf for a small extra charge.  All collars have hardware for buckle, adjustment strap, and d-ring for leash.  Sizes are listed below:

Also, I've finished a few more greek related designs (and NOT just for AOPis!).  I'm hoping to have a few things posted on the Etsy site by this weekend, but you will be the first to know!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coming Soon! And Cheerleader Fun!

Just thought I'd let you, my fabulous readers, know that I'm in the process of setting up an Etsy site.  I'm also working on some more fun sorority gear for your wee little ones!  (Obv, designs can be altered to suit current actives or alumni!)  I'm just waiting to finish a few more designs so I can post several things at once.

A few other things I have in the works are a cheerleader bag, more bows (including corkers!  SEE PICS BELOW!), and a middle school cheerleader shirt (picture below!).  One thing I'm soooo excited about creating is custom birthday hats that can finished in fabric and embroidered or finished in paper with cut-out initials.  The great thing about the custom birthday hat in fabric is that I can make an entire birthday out fit out of the same fabric, so everything is coordinated!  Oh and I'm thinking about making cupcake toppers that can coordinate with invitations so EVERYTHING from clothes to paper goods can all match for your little one's birthday.  HOW FUN!

Don't worry, I'll post pics here first.  And don't forget you DON'T HAVE to go through Etsy.com to buy your goods.  Just email me and you can pay using the PayPal button on the right hand side (You can use a PayPal account OR a debit/credit card!)

Fitted tee
Woman's Medium
Price $20

Nylon Cheer Bag

1 1/2" Big Girl" Bow

Double Color
"Big Girl" Bow

"Big Girl" Korker

 Toddler 24 Months
Price $18