Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your Input AND...A GIVEAWAY!

Are you excited that I said GIVEAWAY??? ;)

Well FIRST, I need your input. (Making you work for that giveaway, huh? Just kidding!) I know peeps are viewing the blog, but I'm not getting much feedback. I know I am creating things you can't find just anywhere, but I want to know, "WHAT TYPE OF PRODUCTS DO YOU WANT?" Also, is there something I should change about the layout that would help you find what you're looking for and purchase an item easier? I've tinkered with the idea of an Etsy site, but if I can streamline this blog, it may benefit all of us!

SO, now to the good stuff. My very first, of hopefully many, will be a WALL PLAQUE!!! (Value of $22 plus free shipping!) A wall plaque is a perfect addition for any little girl OR boy's room! This 5 1/2" x 12" rectangular wall plaque will be made out of light-weight wood, wrapped in batting and YOUR CHOICE of fabric and YOUR CHOICE of embroidery & ribbon for hanging (and obv. your choice of name or initials). With all the options of customization, you will be receiving something that will match your child's room perfectly--and for FREE!!! Talk about a sweet deal!

Now you might want to know how to enter this fabulous giveaway. It's easy! Just leave a comment related to the questions stated above (only one comment per person please!) You will then be placed into a random drawing. You have until Saturday, May 30th to leave a comment that includes a link to your blog or your email, so that you can be contacted if you win.

Also, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! This may sound odd when you're trying to win something, but it will benefit you in the long run. In ADDITION to the giveaway, I am offering a 10% DISCOUNT for referrals. So, say you tell Jane about this great blog called GREAT DAY GRAPHICS & DESIGN ;) and she orders something. MAKE SURE she let's me know that you referred her and YOU will receive a 10% DISCOUNT on your next purchase!!! There's no limit for the amount of referrals you can rack up! Yet, another sweet deal in one post!

Become a follower to this great blog! (I may do a special offer for only my followers at a later date!)

Add this button to your fabulous blog! (Let me know if you have any issues with it.  You should be able to Copy and Paste--Ctrl C then Ctrl V into your layout--I think.)
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And by the way, THANK YOU to all of you who do check out Great Day Graphics & Design! You rock!


  1. Hey Girl! I love your website and it is very easy to use just did not know the address. I have added you to my blog now though. I found a website that I love and you may already know about it youcanmakethis.com
    I love the burp cloths on there and with your talent to fancy them up. I would love to give that as a baby gift.
    I also love the website http://www.swakembroidery.com
    They have some free fonts and designs for embroidery. I am not be giving you any tips but all your stuff is fabulous already. I will give your name to all my friends.

  2. I think that your stuff is great and the website is great. I can't think of any way that you can improve it. The shirt that you made for James has been a huge hit and has held up wonderfully. He wants to wear it everyday! You are so talented!

    Kristy : )

  3. I am dying to buy that AOPi Legacy shirt, and tried to click on it and tried to click on your Pay Pal account but couldn't get it to work. Your stuff is FABULOUS, and I will certainly buy LOTS of monogram t-shirts for my little angel.

    Now for my suggestion: have you heard of www.etsy.com that might be a litte more user friendly for us buyers than a blogspot.com address because it could make it easier for you to display and easier for us to order.

  4. Is Paypal the only was to pay for items?

  5. Lisa--I can take checks! :) I would just have to make sure they clear before an item is shipped.