Friday, May 8, 2009

Fabric Choices

Here are swatches of fabrics I currently have available in decent amounts. I can always go in search of more, if you twist my arm (I LOVE FABRIC SHOPPING, as you can tell by the wide range of patterns!) If you see one you'd like incorporated into an order, just make note of the swatch name in your email to!

Multi Stripe

Multi Plaid

Favorite Funky Multi
Black & White Filigree
Black & White Squares
White Dots on Black

Tiger Print

Tan & Blue Polka Dots

Brown On Brown Checks
Cream On Brown Swiss Dots

Pink Flowers On Brown

Brown & Pink Fleurish
Pink & Yellow Puffy Flowers

Pink Flecks

Victorian Pink Stripes

Valentine's Stripes

Pink On Pink Swirly

Indian Fuschia

Purple & Gold Flowers

Purple Motif

Purple Paisley

Summer Blue Flowers

Blue Fields Flowers

Turquoise Dots

Blue Green Diamond Chic

Retro Blue Flowers

Blue Lady Bugs

Blue Gingham

Green & Blue Dashes
Green Gingham

Green Batik

Funky Green Multi

Green Stripes

Green Ferns

Fairway Green

Light Girly Green

Green Swirly Dots

Green Stars

Victorian Green Flowers

Cream on Tan Paisley

Yellow Swiss Dot

Small Yellow Gingham

Large Yellow Gingham

Orange Squiggles
Orange Multi Stripe

Peach on Salmon Vines

Red Hawaiian Flowers

Red Swiss Dots

Red On Red Little League

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