Saturday, May 16, 2009

NOW AVAILABLE--DIE CUTTING (and other cute stuff!)

I am now able to die cut invitations, business cards, hanging tags--you name it, I can cut it!  And it doesn't stop there!  I should be able to emboss invitations and thank you cards in the very near future, in addition to cutting chipboard and light balsa wood names and letters in a multitude of fonts for your little one's room.  Here are a few samples of what I have cut:
(I will be including prices from here on out so you can utilize the PayPal button located on the right sidebar!)

This is my paper tags for gifts and pieces I ship!  You'll have one if you order something now!  ;)  I think I may leave the hole off of some and use them for business cards.

Price would be $55 for something similar to this 3.5"x2", printed one side card (includes layout, print & die cut of 100 cards--logo design separate)

I blurred out the dates and place since it hasn't taken place yet.  This matches the bridal shower things I did for Toni in honor of her sister.  These will be bottled water hanging tags for the welcome dinner the night before the wedding.  The weekend itinerary is printed on the back.

$185 for something similar to this 3.5"x5", printed two-sides (includes layout, print & die cut of 100 cards--logo design separate)

Here are a few other super cute things I just finished.  The first is a ribbon embellished shirt/skirt set (for Molly--in size 18 mos, Jayma!)  The ribbon is added to both the shirt and skirt, with a coordinating applique and embroidered name for the shirt.  Would be so cute with some brown striped leggings and a long-sleeved brown or pink shirt for fall!

Set:  $30
Ribbon Embellished shirt with appliqué:  $22, Ribbon Embellished Skirt:  $10

Of course you have to have the matching bow!  One is a "baby" bow on an alligator clip, and the other "big girl" bow is on a french clip.  Look how perfect that blue ribbon matches the shirt!  :)

"Baby" Bow:  $2 each (discount if multiples ordered)
"Big Girl" Bow:  $5 each (discount if multiples ordered)
Add monogramed button in coordinating fabric for $2 more

I had almost forgotten about animal print until someone (who shall remain nameless for the time being  ;) requested this:

Round appliqué with personalization:  $18

Isn't it soooo stinkin' presh?!  Now I might have to start a mission to find leopard print ribbon, so I can make a matching bow!

For shipping rates, please check side bar under "Posts of Importance"!  THANKS!

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  1. How cute is Molly's outfit!!!! I am going to send you an email about birth announcements...I know its not time but want to do it before things get too exciting around here!