Thursday, May 21, 2009

For the Next Generation of A-O-Cutie-Pi's

Anyone that has/is a part of a Greek affiliated organization, or really ANY organization for that matter, knows that the bonds you form in that group stay with you forever.  You also want your family, especially children, to know that same fabulous bond you did.

Now, I can't speak for ALL sororities and fraternities, but I know for us t-shirts were pretty much a big deal.  So much so, that you might not make it to chapter, but dang it, you GOTTA have your shirt and you GOTTA have it ASAP!  I say this jokingly, but I remember it all too clearly being the T-shirt/party pic chair my sophomore year.  People basically beat down the door of my room in the sorority house to get their dern shirts, harassing my sweet roommate (Love you, Jill! :)  However, I digress.

I don't have a daughter (yet :), but I would want her to know about my amazing time in college as an AOPi (Alpha Omicron Pi).  To honor my sorority and my sisters, I have created this design for our "next generation"--the legacies!  I can most definitely change it to read, "future AOPi" for those that you simply want to give a gift.  I can MOST DEFINITELY create designs for other sororities and fraternities!!!  Design can also read, "A/An blank blank blank Loves Me" for example.  Sky's the limit, as is for most everything I can create for you!  I can also make shirts for us alumni or current actives, just let me know what you need!  Adult sizes can be made to include fabric appliqué.

Red shirt, pink swirls, white outline

This shirt is size 24 Months.  Since I have no daughter to wear it, I'm running a special price on this particular shirt.
$12 for this one shirt and NO SHIPPING!  SOLD!
Regular price for all shirts with similar design on toddler shirts is $15 plus shipping.

Please, let me know if this button doesn't work for you!
Be on the look-out for upcoming specials!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Folks did drive me half bonkers, but I was kind of a slacker that one semester! LOVE the shirt! TOO CUTE!

  2. Lamm... I want that shirt! Have you sold it yet? Lorelai will look FABULOUS in it!