Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday Gear! From Head to (almost) Toe!

YAY! I've had a chance to make several BIRTHDAY OUTFITS! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them all! My newest accomplishment is the coordinating boy shorts I sewed using a pattern I CREATED!!! I'm so proud of myself. Have to give my Sorority Big Sis, Jill, a shout out for some conversational guidance on how to accomplish that task. She's an AMAZING semstress! I'm so lucky to have someone that creative and talented in my life, not to mention the fact she's an even more amazing friend. :)

Back to topic at hand--here's the photos of birthday outfits, complete with MATCHING birthday hats. All of these hats are finished in fabric and embroidery!

Full outfit, similar to pictured above: $52

This princess hat: $22

Birthday Leotard, perfect for your little dancer: $22 (for current stock only--sizes 2T, 5 and 6

Birthday Shirt: $18

Boy's Short Set Birthday Outfit, similar to pictured above: $52

Coordinating Shorts, sold separately: $14
Pants coming soon: $18

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  1. AAAWWWW!! Thanks for the shout out! Brianna's outfit is SO CUTE!!!