Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ole Miss Pillowcase Dress!!!

So, I couldn't wait to post this until my weekly posting day of Tuesday--it's just SO CUTE!

I had a sorority sis contact me wanting some fun game day gear for her one-year-old sweet baby girl. We decided to go with a pillowcase dress since it will transition well into fall with a longsleeve shirt and leggings. It can also grow with her--once the length gets too small, it can become a shirt so just add pants! So with that premise, she wanted something football-ish and with Hotty Toddy. I already had the great red & blue gingham that we used for the base of the dress, and I added the red swirls to make it a little more fun. I created the applique, and can be altered for any other school.

Without further ado, here it is!

Collegiate-Inspired Pillowcase Dress: $35


  1. this is so cute Ashley!! I wish I had a little girl to buy it for!

  2. I need to order this!! Please email me at

  3. Are you selling your appliqué design in PES format?

    1. I'm not currently selling these, but hope to do so in the near future, along with other designs. This design was one of the first I ever digitized, and it is not digitized "correctly" (crazy stitch order).

      Please follow my Facebook page, as I normally post new items for sale their first, and post updates on what I have in the works. I may ask for testers once I get designs digitized so that will be on the page, as well. I've been slow this summer with the kids home, but hope to get more done in about two weeks!

      Thanks for your interest!